Harvard’s Decline

Harvard, once the most prestigious university in the United States, has now become the object of ridicule by millions. That this has happened isn’t something to be cheered, but it does reveal how bankrupt the worldview of Woke Progressivism is.

Just to be clear. Harvard’s reputation was not built by Woke Progressives, but it has been dismantled by this distorted way of thinking. The University’s President, Claudine Gay, has been caught red-handed cheating. In academia, there is no greater crime than stealing the work of another and attributing it to yourself. That’s what Gay has done, not just once but repeatedly.

She should have been fired for this, dismissed as a fraud, but she hasn’t been, has she? Why?

It’s because she is a Woke, black female. This means the normal rules don’t apply to her. For Gay, cheating is okay. Plagiarism becomes something else, something much less egregious, something to be renamed, but none of it is true. She’s a pompous fraud.

So, what Harvard has become is a perfect example of what Woke Progressivism produces. In this case, an Empress who is wearing no clothes.