We Must Stand Strong

COMMON SENSE: Even before Joe Biden was elected President, Conservatives like us were vocal about his incompetency. We have been speaking out against him and his destructive policies long before his diminished mental capacity became relevant.

Others have been equally as busy constructing and maintaining a deceptive impression about who Joe Biden is. Having carefully kept him from the public eye during the 2020 Presidential Election, with the help of the Progressive media, they did a masterful job of camouflaging his problems, reducing them to a minimum.

Now, as the 2024 Presidential Election season is upon us, even some traditional Liberals have questioned Biden’s ability to run for a second term. While this has obviously become an issue, I don’t believe it addresses what the core problem really is. It isn’t Biden’s mental capacity that is the problem. The issue goes far deeper than Joe’s declining mental acuity. That he has marginal intelligence has worked well for him.

In some ways, the escalation of Joe’s mental challenges are beneficial to his unelected puppet masters—those who govern in his name. Lacking the will or the character to do the right thing, Biden’s role has deteriorated to be little more than a rubber stamp. Nevertheless, this elevates his purpose in the eyes of those who are actually running the country. To them, his purpose has become no more than that of a figurehead.

Joe has never been an effective leader. Even when he was a much younger man, nobody considered Senator Joe Biden to be a deep thinker. I doubt he has ever had an original thought. That’s why, when he ran for President the first time in 1988, he needed to plagiarize his speeches. He did this to make himself look like he was wise and innovative, but he wasn’t. Unable to come up with his own ideas and policies, he simply stole them from others. When caught, which was during a period when politicians were held accountable for egregious behavior, he was forced to make a public apology and withdraw from the election.

How times have changed. Now, when the President of Harvard University was caught doing the same thing, plagiarizing, although forced to resign as the University’s President, Claudine Gay, was allowed to keep her tenured position on the faculty. She should have been fired.

As patriotic Americans, from our perspective, each of these things horrifies us. We view Biden’s leadership as an unsustainable weight around the nation’s neck, dragging us relentlessly down. Biden has capriciously destroyed the wealth of generations, wantonly adding unsustainable debt to citizens with his counterproductive policies.

He has been a complete failure, both domestically and abroad. This is why his approval numbers have been upside down since his bungled retreat from Afghanistan. The entire world witnessed his incompetency on live TV. He made the American people look like fools for having elected him.

Nevertheless, as disgraceful as his performance has been, irrespective of the White House’s assertion that he has been one of the best Presidents ever, not all of Joe’s failures have been his fault. More than any other factor, the destruction originates from the flawed worldview of those who are behind his Presidency. They are the ones to blame.

Although he is titled the Commander-in-Chief, Joe doesn’t command anything. The people behind the scenes don’t do what he says. He does what they say. That’s the real problem.

President Biden doesn’t command anything, and he never has. His leadership is an illusion. The pomp and ceremony around him are nothing more than a magician’s slight-of-hand. The cameras are present to placate the masses, to provide photo ops for the sycophantic media, and nothing more.

Spinning a web of deception, Biden’s power brokers have done an effective job of obscuring reality to millions. They have elevated a man whose dementia is so pronounced that he is probably no longer even continent. Despite this, they have made him appear to be a king.

Those who are really in charge don’t care that Biden has major lapses in memory. They prefer that he does. They are fine with allowing Joe, his son and all of the other Bidens do whatever they please, including taking corrupt funds from foreign powers. They don’t care how rich the Bidens become. What they don’t want is for Joe to make any meaningful decisions. As they see it, redirecting the country to conform to their worldview is their responsibility. It has become their mission in life. More than that, it has become their right.

For these reasons, Joe Biden continues to be important. As long as they can keep him alive, they will pump him up with medication to allow him to look as normal as possible. For the usurpers, all Biden needs to do is show up, wear a suit and stumble around, even if it’s incoherently. They don’t care how demented he becomes. His decline provides them with a free hand to redefine America, transforming the USA into something our Founding Fathers, the Greatest Generation and millions of others would no longer consider to be the nation they cherished.

Because we cannot sit idly by and allow this to continue, patriotic Americans like you and me must stand for the traditions that once made America great. For such a time as this, every ounce of our courage, every finer of our beings, must be directed to stand solidly against the bastardization of our values and the destruction of our way of life. The future of the USA depends on our willingness to oppose these enemies of righteousness.

So, this election isn’t just about defeating the Democratic candidate. Obviously, that’s important, but it’s more important to stop the unelected puppet masters who crave authority over the American people.

Posterity—our children and grandchildren—depend on what we will do. We must not fail. We must repudiate complacency and fight the good fight. We must never capitulate to the deceptions of Progressivism nor surrender to them. The time has come for us to be the people Almighty God called us to be. Our future depends on it. If we lose heart and fail, in my humble opinion, we will never have the opportunity to stand strong again.