How to Deal with Venezuelan Illegals

COMMON SENSE: So far, we have as many as 10 million aliens who have entered the United States illegally since Joe Biden became President. Unskilled, uneducated and unable to be adequately absorbed, what can we do with all of them? How should we deal with this out-of-control problem? It seems overwhelming, so what do we do? We can do quite a lot.

Like every problem too large to deal with all at once, we need to take it one bite at a time. In my opinion, the best place to start is with Venezuela. Apparently, President Maduros has emptied his prisons and insane asylums, sending all of his undesirables north to the United States, but that’s not all he has done. He has categorically stated he will not take them back.

Having taken this position has created significant handwringing in the United States. Our political leaders, pundits and the media, having heard Maduros’ position, have accepted it as the final word. The current administration, and many Republicans as well, now believe that these Venezuelan illegals are our problem, but is this true?

No, it isn’t. To accept this as a fait accompli is weak-willed defeatism.

Venezuelans are not Americans. Their criminals are not our problem. We have enough problems of our own, so how can we repatriate these illegals? We exert our power over Veneziela, that’s how.

The United States is the most powerful nation on earth. Because we are, we need to exercise our might and force our will on Venezuela. We must make them take their citizens back.

Here’s how: First, we tell Maduros he needs to accept all of the Venezuelans back into his country. When he refuses, which he will, we must tell him that we will block every oil tanker from leaving Venezuela, if he doesn’t. When he continues to refuse, we need to send naval vessels to stop his tankers. Eventually, this will work.

This is power politics. When you are powerful, there are times when using your power is necessary. This is one of them. After a month or two of having his oil revenue dry up, Maduros will be more than happy to receive his fellow countrymen. Once this happens, all of the other countries who have sent us their dreck to the USA will fall in line. We simply cannot allow thugs like Maduros to push us around with impunity.