Indicting Hunter Will Have a Nefarious Purpose

To any fair-minded American, other than those who are obstinate and obtuse, it’s obvious that Hunter Biden has been guilty of a pattern of criminality stretching back to the early days of the Obama administration. Despite this, neither Hunter nor any of those involved in the schemes of the Biden Crime Family have been sent to jail. With the imminent incarceration of Devon Archer, coupled with the promised indictment of Hunter Biden, this may soon change.


That’s because Hunter’s sweetheart deal with the Department of Justice (DOJ) fell apart. Now, Special Counsel David Weiss is under substantial pressure to treat Hunter like any other criminal, which Weiss has consistently refused to do during his five-year investigation of the President’s son. Because of public pressure, however, Weiss’s reluctance is about to change.


Before the end of the month, Hunter will be charged with a gun felony. He falsified an affidavit to purchase a weapon. This is a serious charge that normally involves significant time in prison. Although Hunter should be incarcerated, I doubt this will happen, but I do believe he will be charged and plead “no contest” to the felony.


The public outcry is too great for Weiss to not take a pound of flesh from Hunter. Make no mistake about it though, Special Counsel Weiss has no intention of playing fairly. He has had no epiphany to do “the right thing.” It’s not within his character to be straight. He always has something up his sleeve, including the gun charge against Hunter.


By charging Hunter with this crime and no other, Weiss will be fulfilling his role perfectly. That’s because the gun crime is the only charge that has absolutely no linkage to President Biden. All of the other crimes committed by Hunter are connected to Joe, but not the gun charge. By convicting Hunter of falsifying a document, the DOJ can say that they have acted fairly. They have done their duty. They have done the right thing.


Once the conviction is in place, the Woke Progressive media then will chime in, cheering the DOJ’s impartiality. The end result will be no scrutiny of Joe Biden by the DOJ, and millions of Americans will be deceived by what happened. Mission accomplished. Hunter will be forced to take a hit to protect Daddy’s corruption from being exposed. This is the end play of the DOJ’s charade.