Never Be Ashamed of Who You Are

Recently, Sally Field received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Screen Actors Guild. Virtue Signaling in her acceptance speech, she seemed to bemoan the fact that, because she was white, she had an advantage over others. Having become enlightened, she was now sorry for this.


For Progressives, this was the proper position for her to take. Because all white people are by nature racist, according to their Critical Race Theory, we should all be ashamed of who we are, but I’m not.


I’m not the least bit sorry for who I am, which I had nothing to do with by the way, nor should you be, if you are white. To be ashamed of who you are would be self-destructive. If you choose to believe this Progressive lie, it will adversely impact your self-worth. There’s no way for it not to. Having diminished self-esteem would make it much more difficult for you to achieve fulfillment in life. Instead of striving to achieve excellence, your goal would be to just get by, to be mediocre and little else.


Self-loathing doesn’t make someone a better person. It destroys them, but this seems to be exactly what the Leftists desire for you. Don’t allow it to happen. Resist them.


By your actions, tell them, “No! I want more for my life than regretting who I am. I will allow Almighty God to define who I am—not you!” Tell them, “I am not ashamed of who I am, nor will I allow your castigation to diminish my self-esteem.” If you want to respond in a less noble way, tell them to go to Hell, which is where their worldview originated.


Remember this: Regardless of your ethnicity, age, sex, or any other arbitrary category used to describe you, God has a unique purpose for your life. Never allow unregenerate Leftists like the Progressives to define you or strip you of your value. Never permit this—never, never, never!