There Is a Goal to Wokeness

Fundamental to our belief system is the conviction that, if you or I were the only lost people who ever lived, Christ would have come and died on the cross for the two of us. He loves each individual that much. Individualism is exalted so much in our values that before each of us was born, we maintain that God knew us. He knew precisely who we were. In fact, He is so aware of who each of us is that every hair on our heads is numbered.


The value of the individual is core to the Judeo-Christian worldview. It’s this belief that is anathema to the Progressive Neo-Marxists. Their worldview is entirely different. To them, individualism is devalued. They might maintain that it isn’t, but it is. That’s why there is a relentless attack on our identity. According to Giorgia Meloni, Italy’s new Prime Minister, the Woke Noe-Marxists attack individualism relentlessly. “They attack national identity. They attack religious identity. They attack gender identity. They attack family identity.”


Meloni is correct. This is exactly what they do, but why would they do this? What’s the purpose, the end game of the Progressive Neo-Marxists who now dominate the Democratic Party? That’s simple, it’s to destroy our roots. If they can destroy our heritage—and they are well on their way to accomplishing this—they can enslave us. Forced compliance is always the final goal of Communism.


They want to change our identities. They want to eradicate individualism. For me, this would mean I would no longer be considered a dad but a sperm donor. I would no longer be an American but a citizen of the New World Order. I would no longer be a Christian and no longer even a man. Instead, I would to become a number, so would you. Being a number, we would fit perfectly into their world. By remolding you and me with their Woke agenda, we would cease to be a threat to them.


That people like you and me balk at this is why we have become so hated. For us, we are exactly the way we have always been, but that’s the problem. Who we are is by nature a threat to their goal. They have to either change us or destroy us.


This is a zero-sum game. We either win or lose. If you don’t realize this, if you don’t accept this as being true, then there is no hope for you. For you to survive, for the USA to survive, we must vigorously oppose everything that is part of the Woke agenda. If we don’t, it will destroy us.