This Is How Trump’s Defense Can Win

COMMON SENSE: Concerning former-President Trump’s trial in Manhattan, nearly all of the legal experts, citing that the prosecution hasn’t even come close to proving its case, recommend that the defense should rest and not put on any case. I disagree strongly for several reasons.

First, the trial is actually two trials—one legal and the second about how it will influence prospective voters in the 2024 Presidential Election. This being the case, and it is, the legal strategy must take both outcomes into consideration. The expert lawyers on TV do not do this. They don’t even consider the second. They stick exclusively to the legal charges against Trump.

This is a mistake. It wouldn’t be if the trial was fair, but it’s not. It never has been. With the motive being to “Get Trump,” nothing has been fair or impartial. A guilty verdict on at least some of the charges, despite not having been proven, is almost assured.

Second, this is why the defense should call Robert Costello as a fact witness to the stand, perhaps others as well. Knowing that the jury will convict anyway, Trump’s team needs to focus its efforts on the outcome on the public’s perception of the trial. When Costello tells his story about how Michael Cohen has been lying, even after the jury convicts Trump, Americans will be outraged. It will be like the Super Bowl being decided by a bad call by the officials.

Since nothing can change the fact that the judge and jury are determined to find Trump guilty, focus on public opinion instead. Exploit the unfairness; condemn the corruption; and rail against how the Lawfare of the Democrats is destroying our Constitutional Republic. That will work. It’s where we can win, not in the Kangaroo Court.