Unintended Consequences at the DOJ

The new battleground between the Woke Progressives and America First Patriots is our judicial system. The former group has been systematic and strategic in their attempts to choreograph the former-President’s schedule. They want to keep Trump tied up in one court case after another, all in an effort to prevent him from pursuing an effective campaign for reelection. Although malevolent in its intent, it has been a brilliant strategy that has ended up being monumentally ineffective. Instead of nullifying Trump as a contestant, because they have been so obviously relentless in their persecution, they have unwittingly made him almost unstoppable. Americans always root for a person who has been unfairly attacked.


Despite this, the Left has refused to abandon its strategy. So, to maintain its punative schedule, Special Counsel Jack Smith has asked the Supreme Court to expedite a ruling against Trump. The issue is whether or not President Trump is immune from prosecution because his alleged crimes happened when he was President. By the way, when acting as an elected official, nearly everyone is immune from prosecution. This has always been true—not just for Trump. At all levels of government, whether local, state or federal, this has been historically true, so Trump has a strong argument.


But that’s not all Smith has done. Leapfrogging the D.C. Appellate Court, Smith has gone directly to the Supreme Court, but why would he do this? It’s because Smith needs to have Trump convicted in D.C. before the November elections. Smith’s goal is to influence the outcome of the next Presidential Election. To accomplish this, Smith wants the Supreme Court to abridge Trump’s right to due process and a fair trial. I don’t believe the Supremes will go along with Smith, but we shall see. To me, what Smith is doing is blatant Malicious Prosecution, nothing less.


Where the Biden Crime Family is concerned, the judicial proceedings have been equally as nefarious, perhaps even more so. Worse, they have all been in favor of President Biden’s son. Not only did the DOJ’s David Weiss allow the Statute of Limitations to expire on Hunter’s most serious charges, but Weiss has also done everything in his considerable power to keep the truth about the origin of Hunter’s money from being revealed. Having no alternative after the testimony of the IRS Whistleblowers, Weiss has brought charges against Hunter, but without even mentioning any connection to Joe or any FARA violation.


Essentially, what we have had for the past three years—the entirety of Biden’s Presidency—is a weaponized DOJ. It has criminalized Trump while whitewashing the multiplied millions received by the Bidens, all coming from our political enemies. The purpose of these bribes has been to influence American foreign policy. While commentators refuse to say so, this is treason.


Despite the strategy against Trump and for Biden being well worked out, it has not been successful. What the Woke Progressives didn’t expect was for the American people to see through what they were doing. Despite the media’s efforts to paint Trump as a dangerous criminal, all their efforts have done is to make him more popular.


The American people recognize that the DOJ and other American institutions have been weaponized not only against Trump but against law-abiding citizens. All of this, plus an open border, a poor economy and Biden’s dementia, make him unelectable. Although lots of things can change in the next eleven months, it seems like everything the Democrats have done so far has turned to Dreck.