We Stand with Israel No Matter What

We see events unfold in the Middle East. We are pained that militant, barbaric Jihadists are fully intent on destroying Israel. Witnessing this makes us wonder, is this the time? Are these the events that lead to the Second Coming? Or, could they be penultimate events with Christ returning soon? Or, are they just random occurrences that have little or no prophetic significance?


We don’t know, not for sure, but we’re not suppose to know either. We want to know. That’s for certain. What we do know is that Almighty God knows, and no one else.


What we can be certain of is this: It is always God’s will for us to be faithful, to stand for righteousness, to stand for truth and justice, and to stand in solidarity with the Apple of God’s Eye, Israel.


So, that’s what we are going to do. We are going to support Israel’s righteous cause, no matter how unpopular it becomes, and it will become unpopular before total victory over Hamas is achieved. We must never waver about this, not under any circumstances. It’s what we are called to do, regardless of the circumstances, and do this we will.