Who Is the Criminal, Trump or Biden?

If you are wondering just how far our nation has fallen into the abyss of Leftist Progressivism, look no further than the difference between how former-President Donald Trump is being treated as compared to current President Joe Biden. The FBI and Department of Justice have targeted Trump, indicting him for “Conspiracy to Obstruct Justice.” This carries a twenty-year sentence, but conspiracy for what? It’s for Violating the Presidential Records Act, which isn’t even a crime.


The Left wants to get rid of Trump once and for all. They’ve wanted this for a long time. From their perspective, I can understand why. He has been an albatross around their devious necks for years. Although he enrages them, just like Hillary does to us, what Biden’s Department of Justice has been doing to negate Trump’s influence is an absurd overreach.


Where the FBI and DOJ are concerned, there isn’t even a pretense that the charges against Trump are fair, but who cares? Because it’s Trump, there’s no need to be fair. Because his very existence infuriates them, they have weaponized the judicial system against him. There is nothing impartial about what is happening. This is pure vengeful retaliation against their mortal enemy, cloaked in legalese jargon.


But what about Biden? What’s happening with the FBI and DOJ where he is concerned? I can answer that question with one word . . . NOTHING! Despite the fact that the FBI has known for nearly five years that, when he was Vice President, Joe Biden accepted a $5 million bribe to influence policy decisions, Biden has never been charged with a crime. Adding insult to injury, Hunter received an additional $5 million, but he has never been charged either.


That’s $10 million from a foreign source. What did this foreign source receive for so much money? Was this a treasonous act? If not, why wasn’t it? What happened to all that money? Were there other bribes, or was this one? If there were others, how many? How deep does this corruption go? The answer to these questions and many others remains a mystery.


Where Trump is concerned, injustice has been clothed as righteousness, and it has been swift. Where Biden has been concerned, there has been no justice at all, only stalling. Everything about Joe’s criminal behavior continues to be shrouded in secrecy. When confronted by this inactivity, the FBI and DOJ have routinely respond that they cannot comment on an ongoing investigation. What nonsense. They’ve gotten away with this for years, thanks to the collaboration of the Progressive media and the Democratic Party.


But who is the real victim here? It’s you and me and every other American, even those who are so obtuse that they are clueless about what is really happening. Biden has become filthy rich by selling out the American people. That’s a fact, but Trump has been forced to pay exorbitant legal fees just to defend himself against made-up felonies.


This is where we are. This is exactly where we are. We are no longer the nation we once were. We have to fix this but, to do so, we must first recognize and admit the truth about how far we have fallen.