Why Are Groceries so High?

young shocked shopper with a package of groceries holding a check and being surprised by the high prices on a yellow background, the concept of a rise in price

If you want to understand why there has been such a massive increase in your cost of living, why everything at the grocery store is so expensive, you can. The reason is simple, and you don’t need a business degree to understand it. Here’s the answer.


Since Joe Biden became President, the price of diesel fuel has increased by 73%. But why is this so important?


It’s because everything you eat, whether it’s meat, vegetables, dairy or snacks, is delivered to your grocery store by trucks that run on diesel fuel. With such a massive increase in the cost of fuel, there is no way that food items wouldn’t increase. It was inevitable.


The rise in some items has been so massive that many families can no longer afford to eat the way they once did. Biden’s policies have adversely impacted the way of life for nearly every American.


The next question is this: Is there any way to reverse this? Can diesel fuel ever be brought down again? Again, the answer is simple. Because the Biden administration has a policy of restricting oil exploration, the cost of diesel fuel will continue to rise. There’s no way around it. Despite their gaslighting, when they tell you they have inflation in check, they don’t. They can’t, not unless they increase the production of diesel fuel, which they steadfastly refuse to do.


The Biden administration is more concerned with their ideological position than they are in the welfare of the American people. It’s obvious, isn’t it?


So, if the cost of groceries being this high is acceptable, Biden is your man. If you want food items, as well as everything else delivered by eighteen-wheel trucks, to become affordable again, vote against him next fall. It’s as simple as that.