Why Is ‘Bathhouse Barry’ Still Relevant?

It’s time to put a couple more pieces of the puzzle together in the never-ending saga, “As the Stomach Turns.”


As most of you know, figuring out what the Democrats are actually doing can be challenging, but I believe I have a valuable insight to offer. It should provide you with an “Aha” moment.


Joe Biden’s approval numbers are hovering at 42%, according to the Real Clear Politics average.  Coupled with 77% of Americans believing he is too old to run for a second term, this would make Biden unelectable in an honest election. With this being the case, have you ever wondered why no serious Democratic candidate has emerged to challenge our demented President? I certainly have, but I believe I have the answer.


Nearly everybody on our side thinks someone other than Joe Biden is behind his radical Leftist agenda, but it’s not George Soros or anybody from Davos, Switzerland. I believe it’s our own Barack Obama. No Democrat is going to challenge him. Obama once said that he would like to be the person pulling the strings rather than be the President again, and I believe that’s exactly what he is doing. Joe Biden is his marionette. But what makes me think this, you might ask?


I came to this conclusion when I watched the Tucker Carlson interview with Larry Sinclair on X, which was viewed by 35million. The abridged version has been seen by a whopping 74million so far. That’s a lot of people.


Initially, when I first watched it, I wondered why Tucker would choose to focus on Obama’s sexuality. With him being out of office for nearly seven years, would the fact that he is either gay or bisexual have any relevance? Back when Obama first ran for President, I remember seeing numerous videos stating that he was a regular at Man’s Country, a Chicago gay bathhouse. Back then, Obama was referred to as Bathhouse Barry, but that was many years ago. Why would Tucker make it an issue out of it now?


I believe it continues to be important because Barack Obama is the power behind Joe Biden, making Barack our de facto President. Being the only President to remain in Washington D.C. after leaving office, other than Woodrow Wilson who suffered a stroke, Barack had a purpose for remaining. He and his surrogates have been acting as the guiding force behind every Socialist policy President Biden has enacted.


Because this is the case, to undermine a second term for Joe, Barack must be attacked as well. In my opinion, this is what was behind Tucker’s video, not the fact that Obama had sex for money with Larry Sinclair years ago. Because Tucker draws such a huge audience, by far eclipsing what he had at Fox News, his venue was the perfect place to attack Obama’s moral character. With Obama smoking crack and being paid for sex, this was an assault on Biden’s de facto administration.


I realize this is pretty tawdry. It should be beneath us, but it is where we are as a nation.