by Jack Watts

If you believe the midterm elections are not that significant, think again. This year, more than any other in my lifetime, your vote for Conservative candidates is crucially important. People of faith must show up at the voting booth, or every bit of progress we have made, including with our robust economy, will be lost.
If you think I am overstating this, guess again. The Left is so consumed with their hatred for Trump that they will do anything to remove him form office—and I mean anything. In a Post/ABC poll, 49% of Americans support impeaching the President, even though there is no Constitutional justification for doing so.
According to the Washington Post columnist, Megan McArdle, “By any metric, Trump is in trouble.”
This isn’t how I see things, but I live in a different universe than those who are single-minded in their hatred for President Trump. I see a robust economy with 4.2% GDP and every economic indicator being positive. McArdle and others see their globalist agenda slipping away.
Who is right? Is America’s resurgence to greatness enough to maintain leadership in both houses of Congress, or will the Progressives, who are consumed by rage, be strong enough to get their way and bring economic woes upon us all? Only God know the answer, but we can keep our nation moving forward by praying, fasting, and voting for candidates who will continue to make America great again.

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