by Jack Watts

We are headed for a Constitutional crisis of earth-shattering proportions. Not even the anti-Vietnam War protests and Watergate compare to what is about to happen.
The Progressives believe President Trump is a traitor. He’s a man who has colluded with the Russians, and he is a puppet of Vladimir Putin. They not only believe this heart-and-soul, it is a conviction that has become hardwired into their political DNA. When it is challenged, they react emotionally, calling those who disbelieve their position fools. and sometimes much worse. Their position is reinforced daily by the mainstream media who foster this belief.
Juxtapose the Progressives position with the revelations of DOJ and FBI misconduct that have been revealed through Conservatives sources to the other half of the American electorate—Trump Nation. With the Horowitz I.G. Report about to be revealed, Trump supporters cannot wait for justice to finally be served. Smelling blood in the water, they not only want to “Lock Her Up,” they also want everybody else, up to and including former President Obama, to be imprisoned for crimes stemming from the phony Steele Dossier, the Uranium One scandal, Fast & Furious, and everything involving Clinton’s email server and her pay-to-play foundation.
The two sides could not be further apart, and there are no grounds for compromise. This is a zero sum game that will shape the course of American history for the next quarter-of-a-century at least. Both sides are certain they are right and are unwilling to give an inch.
Who will win? The Conservatives will win. Why will they win? Because their position is based on verifiable facts that are about to become headline news. How will the Progressives react to what is about to be disclosed? Not well, I’m afraid. When a core belief is proven to be false, the emotional parts of human beings take over—not their rational parts. You’ve heard the expression, “Hell as no fury like . . .” Well, we are about to see a Progressive meltdown of Richter Scale proportions. You can count on it
When this happens, Conservatives should be patient and loving to their fellow Americans, but they won’t be. They will rub salt in the wounds of Progressives. You can count on it. Why would they do this, you might ask? Because they can is the only response I can give. Having been disrespected and mocked for so long, they want retribution.

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