A Rocky Road to Destiny

Tracy Murillo

Destiny does not come the way we expect and we should not try and put it in a box and think that we can somehow manipulate it. My road to Destiny has been both delighted and also terrifying. The road has been so rocky and crooked so bare with me. I would like to share with you a short version of how I embarked upon being a Radio host. My journey began early in life when I was about eight. I would somehow find peace and joy by writing in my journal or diary at night. I can’t begin to tell you how many journals and diaries I filled before I was an adult. My family realized that my greatest joy was to record our family adventures and years later recant every detail to them. I loved the feeling of clean paper in my hands and didn’t even know why. While in school I did become an English major and also took Creative Writing. I began to read and discover how true Authors received their ideas and tried to discover their secrets. But when I hit my senior year something happened that dashed my hopes of becoming a writer. Let me explain I had to write a short story for my English class and I wrote a piece on the kids camp that year and it became very popular and very rapidly I may say. Many teachers began to comment on it and I realized that my English teacher had shared it with the entire school and I was so embarrassed. After this he asked me to write more and to use more adjectives and to see if I could write my first novel, But because of all the comments and looks I received from others about my short story I became fearful and felt like I was being made fun of. I stopped that day from writing anything since the persecution and ridicule was so profound.

Years later after finishing college and focusing on Business, I began working for the Dean of a School of Nursing and I didn’t realize it at the time but he would desire for me to write and edit many things for him in the nine years I was there. It began with small letters and then reports and finally helping him complete his Dissertation. My greatest endeavor while working there was helping in the writing and editing of the Hospital and Colleges accreditation papers. They were received and accepted to my amazement and they threw me the most magnificent celebration party. After this I felt like some of faith to write had been resurrected, no persecution only praise but realized right then that both were critical in order to write successfully.

After leaving this job and traveling awhile I landed various jobs somewhat in the Administrative fields. I worked for Attorneys, Doctors, and Physical Therapy offices and was somewhat happy to do so. Then I landed working in a church as their Conference coordinator. Loved this because of the organizing and planning it took to bring things together. My road at this time was unknown and didn’t seem to make any sense but would later come to light for all that God had planned for me. You see I know now that everything would be used for my good. In these jobs I was learning to speak and had to, to keep my job. I worked answering their phones and making appointments at their front desks. I had to deal with people head on everyday. Any sense of shyness was gloriously dissipating.

Then I married and we decided to have children at a late age and this would be my biggest game changer. I didn’t know it but after they were born I decided to remain home and desired to be a full time mom. I had never been at home all day and wasn’t quite sure how to do this. I was unfamiliar with free time. But God had a bigger plan. After getting used to having two baby boys and getting some kind of schedule I began to cry out to God for greater purpose and for something to fill those dull times. And to my great surprise here came the books. God sent a friend to me from another state and she prayed with me for purpose and she said, “You are a Writer, Author, and Poet and you have not known it till now”. After she left I began praying about her words and asking God to help me. Articles came and were published and then I wrote a piece for a book and then I received courage to write my own. After five books were published I realized that the word was so true. From that day forth I have been writing and God has been faithful to publish it. I was amazed. Then after many years of writing and speaking, I was once again prayed over and receive a word. This lady said, “She saw God launching me out and she said she thought it was Radio”. I was shocked since I had never encountered this road before. I laughed and said to myself, “Okay God”. While I was on vacation I received a Face book message from a close friend asking me to look at an Ad about Christian Woman Speaker for Radio. I thought, “You have got to be kidding, it hasn’t even been a week from the word God gave me”. Anyway, I left for vacation and decided to delay and pray about it. During one night while on vacation I wrote the Director of the Radio station and told her I was considering it and would get back with her afterwards. Then the fun began, I received Angel’s persistent emails and texts and Allan’s phone interview. I prayed about it again. Isn’t it funny how we doubt God even when he says it so clearly? I finally accepted my new assignment. I realized that all the roads I had been traveling had all added up this. All the books, trips, speaking engagements, meetings, conferences attended, and even the television opportunities were all for this Destiny. Funny as I was praying about this endeavor, God brought back a time in my life where I desired to be a Newscaster. I thought, “How does this compare to that?” Then the Lord showed me that through interviewing others I would fulfill my greatest desire. That desire was for me to help bring others to light and watch them shine. Radio was and could be this. I have done many interviews and have absolutely loved it. I get to have fun and also bless others. God has been so faithful to teach me and show me how to do it and how to really enjoy it. Destiny is a journey not a place, my destiny is still changing and I am not sure where it will land. All I know at this point is that it has and will be forever evolving. I believe as we get to know God, we get to discover who he made us to be. Sometimes we discover new things about our self and others. I wont limit him and I don’t try to manipulate my journey, I simply ride along in the passenger seat, pray and then obey. Giving him praise all the way. You say, “How do I discover my destiny?” I will tell you that one day all the puzzle pieces will come together and he would used every part of journey to have prepared you for the final outcome. Trust him and let him lead. You will love it. I do.

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