A Solution to End Lawfare

COMMON SENSE: The Democrats, especially those who have been busy engaging in “Lawfare” against former-President Trump, fearful that he will regain the Presidency, are apoplectic that he will be vengeful toward them. In an effort to retain their own power, they are accusing him of having a vindictive spirit. Essentially, they are projecting onto him what they have been doing. Their goal has been to thwart the will of the American people.

When asked about retribution, Trump consistently says that “winning” for the American people will be all the vindication he needs. While this is a noble and high-minded position to take, plus being precisely what he needs to say politically, I don’t believe it’s true.

If elected, which I believe Trump will be by a sizeable margin, there will be hell to pay for those who have targeted him, for those who have abused the law to take him out. Trump’s supporters will demand it. Who can blame them? They will insist on accountability from those who have leveraged the DOJ, the FBI and other governmental agencies to stop him.

Elections have consequences, and those who have been dishonorable, those who have perverted the course of justice to achieve their own nefarious goals, should pay a price for what they have done. To allow them to get away with Lawfare is unacceptable. If not held to account, they will do it again.

Although handling this situation will create a dilemma for the 47th President, I believe I have a workable solution, one that will prevent further division among the American people.

Here’s what I suggest. Trump should offer a 30-day period of amnesty from prosecution for every low-level and mid-level participant in the Deep-State Lawfare against him. In exchange for a get-out-of-jail-for-free card, those who have been guilty must be willing to be completely forthcoming about what they have done, naming names, withholding nothing. In addition, they must be willing to make a full confession that will be filmed and eventually released to the public.

Let every American see with his or her own eyes what has been done by the Left in the name of Democracy. Let the Left’s criminality and corruption be exposed by those who participated in the misdeeds. Many, fearful of justice, will come forward. This, more than any other thing, would be effective in restoring faith in our institutions.

Exposing the guilty will justifiably shame those who have used the justice system to punish their enemies, while exposing them to public ridicule. I believe enough miscreants will come forward to prosecute the ringleaders, which must happen. Best of all, this would end the Lawfare, which continues to divide our citizens.