Are We Really Alone?

nasa-imagesAre We Really Alone?

One of our biggest questions during the history of man has been…Are we really alone?

For thousands of years, mankind has looked up into the night sky, so full of twinkling lights, and asked, “Are we really alone?”

Millions, maybe billions, of dollars have been spent trying to answer this question once and for all.

But, for all our effort, we still are not able to find life anywhere else in the night sky.  Mankind may well be alone in this universe of ours.  The twinkling night sky may not be a home for others after all.  To the disappointment of some, apparently no created being is peering down on us from some circling sphere above.  But, scientists still seek to prove that we are NOT alone in the universe!

Mankind has also sought to NOT be alone here on this earthly sphere.  Most of us seek out reliable friends so we are not alone.  We court and dedicate ourselves to those that add love to our lives…our wife or husband, our spouse, our “best friend”!  For, none of us wish to be alone!

But, loneliness seems to follow all of us, starting from childhood.  We sought out playmates that enjoyed our company and those that liked us for who we were.  We all had numerous “friends” who showed they were not genuine, by betraying us somehow and moving on!

We all have the need to be loved by another…by someone who will accept us for who we really are…inside.

We all know how to put on a “good” face when we are around people we like and admire.  We sometimes pretend to be like them so they will like us.  We do this in order to be accepted as one of them…to become a close friend.

But, in our hearts, we know that these “friends” don’t really like US, the real person inside us…the person we really are.  They like the person we are pretending to be.

Most of our lives, we have looked far and wide for someone that would totally love us without any pretense on our part.  We have looked for someone we could open up to and be honest with…for someone who would really love us.  We have looked for someone who would love that unique person who lives inside each one of us.

We need someone that will love us no matter how many mistakes we make…no matter how many faults we have…no matter how we look, or sound, or how rich or poor we are!

In life, we are blessed if we have one or two “true” friends in our lifetime.  They are hard to find!

But, I found my “True Friend”!

It’s been many years since I found Him…or He found me!

But, I was reminded of that wonderful fact just the other evening, while I was gazing at the night sky.  I was attempting to count the twinkling stars in the sky, and I realized that I do have a close friend who dwells up there…beyond the universe!
And He does love me, even though He knows everything about me.  He knows me through and through.  He knows every fault I have…and yet He loves me!

I counted MY BLESSINGS that night!  And I listed forever, my BEST FRIEND at the top of my friends list!

And, as that next morning came, I felt a gentle message come into my heart…

Fear not,
for the Lord thy God
is with you.
Fear not, 
for your Lord loves you.
You were on His mind
all night as you slept!
Even now, He is thinking of you!
Even now, He is excited
by the wonderful plans
He has made for your life.
Now, rest in Him this coming day!
Love Him, praise Him, thank Him
as He embraces you throughout the day!


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