BIDEN Apologizes to Germans for America—He’s Toast

by Jack Watts

COMMON SENSE: In Munich, Joe Biden told a German audience that America is an embarrassment. He actually said that. He also said, “The America I see values basic human decency, not snatching children from their parents or turning our back on refugees at our border. Americans know that’s not right.”
Biden, who will soon announce his candidacy for President, said, “The American people understand plainly that this makes us an embarrassment. The American people know, overwhelmingly, that it is not right. That it is not who we are.”
What I know for sure, beyond any shadow of doubt, is I do not want another President who apologizes for us instead of stands up for us. I also do not want open borders. What about you? Biden is a globalist who wants open borders. An incompetent fool, nicknamed “Handsy” by the Secret Service, because of groping women of any age, Biden’s candidacy is certain to fail—thank God.

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