Biden’s Incompetence May Lead to World War III

When Barack Obama became President, he made it clear that he intended to take the USA down a notch or two, but what he did pales in comparison to what Joe Biden is doing. It seems like Ole Joe intends to take us from being a global power to become no more than a regional power, but that’s not all. What he is doing is very dangerous and destabilizing. To understand exactly what is happening, several things must be connected.


Our decline started when Biden surrendered our energy independence. From that point forward, our strategic retreat, including the way we left Afghanistan, has been inevitable. His biggest mistake has been with fossil fuels. By refusing to use our own natural energy supply, by making us energy dependent on other nations, Biden has squandered our wealth. He has also made other nations rich in the process.


With our retreat from fracking, where we liquified natural gas and transported it to Europe via tankers to heat homes, Biden forced our NATO partners to look to Russia to supply their energy needs. Biden’s stupidity forced Europeans to do this, but that’s not all. To make this a permanent arrangement, the Nord Stream Pipeline was constructed, which was not be in our national interest. Obviously, the USA doesn’t want our NATO partners, especially Germany, to be energy-dependent on Russia. Even a fool like Biden recognized this.


Therefore, to prevent this from happening, the CIA blew up the unfinished pipeline. This prevented Russia from gaining much-needed income for their war against Ukraine, but it also prevented our NATO allies from obtaining the natural gas they needed to heat their homes. By doing this, Biden hurt our allies as much as our enemies.


Even though Biden and his foreign policy team have denied blowing up the pipeline, it’s common knowledge that the USA was behind it. This act of war definitely hurt Russia, but it also hurt our friends as well. Tragically, all of this could have been prevented if Biden had allowed fracking to continue, but he didn’t. His commitment to the Green New Deal prevented him from acting in our strategic best interests.


The end result of this has made the USA weaker. Our NATO alliance, which began in 1949, has been so destabilized that Germany may support China’s military efforts to reunite with Taiwan. This would be a huge blow to U.S. foreign policy. Since we have a treaty to defend Taiwan, Biden’s foolishness could lead us into World War III. Blowing up the pipeline, which was a direct attack on Russia, could as well.


Do you see how one bad decision by Biden has led to another and then another? While Americans are worried about Transgenders, Biden is busy destabilizing everything that has been established since the end of World War II. He’s that foolish and incompetent.