Ditch The Old Business Model


by Lance Wallnau

THANK GOD FOR THIS SHAKING! It is opening the nation to new possibilities. A grass roots movement has begun that is freaking out the establishment. It is more than political. It is spiritual.

America is finally realizing it is VULNERABLE to China and Washington FISCAL MISMANAGEMENT! The crude oil market is shaking especially. In Texas its a crude awakening, but God is in it.
On the lips of everyone is concern for the future.

Don’t listen to those experiencing a prophetic panic attack. God is advancing those who know what to do. You can be one of them!

THIS IS YOUR TIME. A new model is about to emerge as believers step into the fault lines of shaking and bring STABILITY and INNOVATION to America and the world. Economies built on men will shake – but the kingdom we are receiving is UNSHAKABLE.

How INFINITELY GOOFY at this very moment for believers to be getting ready for rapture or persecution. That whole mentality is the byproduct of the church hiding out in buildings rather than seeing themselves as the ones who “DISCIPLE NATIONS.”

GOVERNMENT HAS REACHED BEYOND GODS APPOINTED BOUNDARIES! It has displaced the role of families, free enterprise, and non profits and volunteerism. Government has tried to be God and is NOT up to the task.

DON’T EXPECT THE RULING CLASS OF REPUBLICANS AND DEMOCRATS TO LIKE THIS. They don’t want to hear “The government shall be upon His shoulder.”

Isaiah said:
“…unto us A SON is given (JESUS): and the government shall be upon HIS shoulder: and HIS NAME shall be called (Jesus the) Wonderful, (Jesus the ultimate) Counsellor, (Jesus) the mighty God, (Jesus the embodiment of) the everlasting Father, (Jesus) the Prince of Peace.

Jesus has a body on the earth. The body of Christ has got to see itself as the administrator of heaven on earth. Where we go the government of heaven goes. When we show up the counsel of heaven shows up and peace overrules hell.

What if businesses today accomplished in our society what we expect our government to do?

THE KINGDOM IS EMERGING in a whole new expression.
This is the Emergent question. Join the Emergent Movement that provides the answers. Two generations running together – you and your sons and daughters. One mission – manifesting the kingdom. God is building businesses that will effect change… for profit, for purpose, for ever – EVEN IN THE MIDST OF SHAKING!

WORSHIP AND BUSINESS GO TOGETHER in the Tabernacle of David. One of my spiritual sons, Jonathan Wield has tapped into a $20 million dollar model and introduced me to his boss. They are going to reveal their kingdom model. (Bug him for details at Jonathan@Lancelearning.com and ask when I am coming to Denver to train.) The focus of this event is personal, business and city transformation. Hosted by Jonathan’s new company “Unbridled Solutions” (cool name, huh?) and the most notable worship leaders of our time!

Here’s just part of what I am going to talk about:
* Your business and your home is the outpost of heaven on earth.
* New models of supernatural business are emerging that combine intercession, worship and prophetic perception with business!
* Your family is part of the legacy God has given you – build something that involves them. (Like Abraham, Isaac and Jacob)
* Prepare for the HOME ADVANTAGE coming to couples who walk in this next chapter of the emerging kingdom as dreams of family members become part of the family strategy.

Explore what is emerging…

Are you sensing a new season?

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