by Jack Watts

Tragically, most Christians believe that a Progressive victory in America is inevitable. This is not true. At least, it doesn’t have to be true. The outcome remains undecided.
Today, the battle lines between Progressivism and Christianity have been drawn, and they are crystal clear. The victor will determine the destiny for the United States for generations to come. In this battle, there can be no appeasement or compromise. This is a zero sum conflict. One side will win, while the other side will lose—period.
This is a conflict worth waging and a battle worth fighting. There is no doubt about it. Although patriotic Christians have been moderately passive for generations, choosing to live our lives in peace, allowing “someone” else to fight about politics, we can no longer afford to pursue a laissez-faire strategy of avoidance. If we do, all will be lost. Multiplied millions are coming to realize that “leaving well enough alone” is a self-defeating strategy.
We can no longer be willing to be passive. Our time has come. We must make a stand. There is no other acceptable alternative. The Progressives have been waging societal war against us for many decades. They know the value of controlling the government. Statism, which has replaced Almighty God for them, is their de facto deity.
To enforce their agenda, they must be in power. For them, there is no other acceptable alternative. Therefore, anything that will gain them power, or keeps them in power, is moral, just, and acceptable. Fairness is not part of their equation—not like it is for us. To them, winning is everything, regardless of what is required to achieve that end.
They are consumed with enacting governmental regulations that will level the playing field between the United States and the rest of the world. For them, this has become an all-consuming passion.
For us, by way of contrast, we prefer to be left alone to enjoy life. Their goal, however, is for the federal government to control every aspect of our lives. Our desire is for the federal government to have as little control over what we do as absolutely necessary. They want to engineer society through legal mandates that promote establishing an open society, while we generally oppose any form of social engineering. We believe governmental mandates, which over-regulate our lives, are counterproductive to our American values, while they believe the exact opposite. For them, the more government we have the better off we will be. For us, it’s the exact opposite.
Because the stakes are so high—the future of the United States—the societal conflicts between Progressivism and patriotic Christians are sharp and profound. The Progressives, who are bolstered by the confidence that they are intellectually superior, are certain they will prevail and inevitably win the war.
It is our job, our divine mandate, to make certain they do not, but there are many Christians do not agree with this. They have been so compromised by the deceitfulness of Progressivism that it has become a real stronghold in their lives.

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