If Not Stopped, PROGRESSIVISM Will Destroy America

by Jack Watts

COMMON SENSE: When I see how far the Democratic Party has gone to the left, as well as how swiftly it has done so, I fear for the future of our nation. Nancy Pelosi, who we used to consider as a far leftist, is now a centrist for the Democrats. In fact, since the Democrats control the House, we need her to reign in the ultra extremists.
In an effort to win Presidential primary elections, Democratic candidates are jockeying for position by taking one extreme position after the other—none of which is good for the United States of America. The progressives have no sustainable moral or ethical foundation. Their beliefs are based on entitlement, perceived victimization—whether real or not—and the desire to repudiate everything that has made America strong.
Calling right wrong and wrong right, their goal is to recreate the United States into a Socialist Utopia that not only will not work, but it will also destroy the foundation of our republic. To them, who we are as a nation is not good enough. They believe the American way of life is what is wrong—not what is right.
The Republicans, who should be firmly against this, are not robust enough to counter this onslaught. To repudiate this encroaching Evil, people of faith must unite and stand in firm opposition to the damnable worldview of the Progressives. To be passive is as destructive as ignoring the warning signs of cancer. The time is now, and the mission is clear. If good people refuse to get involved, we are lost. What will you do?

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