Let Us Forgive

by William Worrell

“When our hope is hard to find and our faith is in decline, we need a cause to stand behind—LOVE. We all want the way it feels. Time it comes and time it steals—Love.” We all know these are lyrics by Chris Tomlin. Love is more than a noun. It’s an attribute of Father GOD. It’s also the basis of all significant relationships. Especially, the basis of FRIENDSHIP!

The Word states that the world will know us by our love we show for each other. Very sadly, that distinctive is becoming blurred and at times nonexistent in the Body of Christ. We are seemingly divesting ourselves of this distinctive and adopting ploys the world uses—namely that of “unfriending” ourselves from others and even more blatantly breaking fellowship with brethren. Its not only parishioners doing this. Its pastors too!

Be Careful! The world is watching! And we’re breaking our Lord’s heart!

Going back to Chris Tomlin’s song. We find additional words stating, “Love is the answer. Love will find a way. When we love one another—it’s a brighter day!” I have friends who have unfriended each other. Or either deemed them past friends. The result is the same: disunity and strife.

Folks, we can’t say, “I forgive you” without restoring fellowship—That’s the nature of reconciliation! Kevin LeVar has opened a website dedicated to this very purpose: A Forgive and Live Campaign! Check it out! Its called forgiveandlivetoday.org!

Its time we became the model of Love and Forgiveness the world NEEDS to see! It’s my heart’s cry: Let Us Forgive! Let Us ReFriend!

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