by Jack Watts

COMMON SENSE—Throwback Thursday: I have a confession to make. During the Watergate era, I was one of the last people to believe President Nixon was guilty. I maintained my belief in him for several weeks after he resigned. That’s how deep my self-deception was.
So, I can understand how people who still believe in the Russian Collusion narrative feel. Their entire world has been rocked.
When I finally admitted to myself that I had been believing a lie, I made the commitment to return to graduate school. I wanted to know things for myself, so that I would never be fooled again by being ignorant. I didn’t stop being a Conservative, but I made certain I was an educated one.
Here’s what is so sad. Right now, 42 percent of Americans still believe Trump colluded with the Russians. Although I have no sympathy for those who knowingly perpetrated this hoax, I have deep sorrow for those who have been hurt by believing their lies.
These Americans need our prayers and our support, but what they don’t need is our condemnation. We can ridicule the guilty but not the millions they deceived. They are as hurting emotionally as Bernie Madoff’s victims are hurting financially.
If our goal is to heal our nation, which is what it should be, be kind and be patient with those who will begin to realize they have been deceived by the Deep State and the media. They need our compassion and not our censure.
This was me in 1973.

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