POCAHONTAS Cannot Con Her Way into the White House

by Jack Watts

COMMON SENSE: Can there be anything more galling than a sanctimonious conman or, in this case, a sanctimonious con-woman? I think not!
Gaming the system for decades by claiming to be a Native American, Elizabeth Warren received honors and special treatment she did not deserve—consistently justifying her heritage as being true. Now that her fraud has been discovered and her false claim exposed, she thinks that a simple apology is sufficient to make amends. As my old aunt used to say, “Stuff and nonsense.” It isn’t nearly good enough. Her fraud made her rich.
Warren now believes she is worthy to be our next President, and she is running a campaign based on taking the moral high ground against Conservatism. Even if such high ground existed, which it doesn’t, she has no right to claim any kind of moral superiority about anything. What con does?
She is a disgrace and a particularly loathsome creature who is unworthy to hold any public office, even in a state as corrupt as Massachusetts.

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