Political Power Addiction Gone Rabid!!

A pandemic of corrupted political power has gone rabid! It has infiltrated our county, state, national governing bodies and party organizations. It is said, that “Absolute power corrupts absolutely!” There are too many demonstrating the harsh realities and truth of that statement.

Power can become likened to a drug addiction. The next high needs to be greater than the previous one to sustain the fix. The physical, emotional, psychological, and soulish rush are the springboards of addiction. At some point the addict’s euphoria soon develops into fears and paranoia leaving the person in a place of desperation, loneliness, depression, self- worthlessness and more.

To rescue oneself, sometimes these feelings are pushed to the side by placing everything and everyone underneath them. The addict seems to take on the opposite of weakness and vulnerability. They project and secure a place of absolute self-reliance, a “whatever” kind of attitude, narcissism, superiority, and invincibility become the self-view. They become a legend in their own mind.

Others who inwardly may feel small enlarge themselves and become the bully getting the power rush. Sometimes, the one who has in life been badgered down, to gain self-recovery, they do the same to others, making themselves the power victor rather than the victim.

Then there are those who bully, but are weak, in that when they experience push back, big brother is brought in to do the take down.

None of us have come to be where and who we are in a vacuum. People, situations, lifestyle, life choices, social environments, social media, and social engagements all  come into the makeup of defining us in life. Life influences, such as parents, family, neighborhood, friends, schoolteachers, religion, personal faith, or absence of and more all become points of input and programing us to be who we are. Including, our ambitions, positions, dispositions and our developing and ultimate make up of values. How we value or do not value life, freedom, and liberty, as well as, our worldview, our view of God and our value of others all serve as elemental drivers and formers making us who we are as a person.

Power holders are well positioned for downfall. At first it is seen as success. Enamored by attention, nobility, served and of course, others being dependent upon them for their help, aid, political financial candy, approval, favor, and mercy all feed the ego. Then comes the realization of power and its ability to influence and subsequently make the person a person of influence. Taking it over the top are the conditions which brings the self-discovery question to the forefront, namely, “What can I do with this power?” Dependent upon the underlying character of the person holding power, the choice to do good or to do evil begins to show itself.

The one who holds power for themselves will do everything and anything it takes to keep it. They will incrementally set up logistical fences around themselves and their power. By tweaking the language of the rules, they establish a formidable front-line repelling attempts to displace them from their power. They will bring political and personal assault against their real or supposed opponents. Through personal and political take downs by bullying, intimidation, making it loud and clear who they are and who you are not, threats, fear and overpowering voice seek and at times accomplish the ultimate destruction of their real or assumed opponent.

From the local county level to the state and national level the weapon of the court system is a hand tool to reach the desired political outcome. The abuse of the court system all too often is used to take the opponent to court to wear them down or bury them in the headlines. Even more devious is to take advantage and corrupt the court system to advance injustice displacing justice. The political win is all that matters!

We have seen on a national level what power holders, once they have become addicted to power itself, will do and to what length they will go to keep it. Advancing lies, false fears, deception, manipulation, propaganda, power plays, false accusations, the corruption of the authority of power, militarizing governmental agencies and more all to overtake their opponent(s). There are no longer any sacred places of the branches of government values, protocols, orders of procedure, government body integrity or precedence of conduct, which have not or will not be profaned just to secure their power hold.

Our United States Constitution is treated as an obstacle that needs to be set aside. The Constitution is seen as restrictive and an opponent to Marxist, Socialist, Fascist rule and needs to be outdated. The Constitution is seen as problematic because it repels and repudiates the position that those who are to be as representatives are the supreme rule, but instead it upholds the individual citizen and their collective as that governing body in and through which these United States are held as a cohesive whole and yet distinct.

How is it that the leaders of political parties within our county, state and nation increasingly have excelled, not in serving our country and its best interests, but their own?

To the addicted power holder, it is they themselves that are the provider and arbitrator of so-called liberty and freedom. “We the people” are to be made their subjects with the addicted power holders being the self-proclaimed government rule. From our county to our state and nation, those who hold political power increasingly have become addicted to power. Stacking the deck to secure their own grip on power and power plays. Their first action is to do what is best for them!

These power holders addicted to power are in every level of government and organization of political agenda, regardless of party. These abusers must be identified, and their tactics recognized. We must be an informed, initiative-taking, constitutionally driven, patriotic “We the people,” to offset the tyranny of all that are in opposition of these United States of America, Freedom, Liberty, and Justice under The One True Living God.

I declare myself as a Conservative Republican Libertarian. Foremost, Conservative in values, Republican in governing and Libertarian in Freedom and Liberty.

Benjamin Franklin stated when asked what form of government we have, he replied “A Republic, if you can keep it.” Our Republic has as its foundational core the consent of the people. Thomas Jefferson said it well, “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.”