PRAYER for Victory Over Progressivism in Midterms

by Jack Watts

Our Heavenly Father,
There is a stirring in the land among the righteous.
There is also one among those who loathe and detest You,
Your Son, and Your will for America’s future.
For years, they have been plotting and scheming ways
To abrogate the rights of those of us who want nothing more
Than to live in peace and to be able to pursue our lives
Free from the restraints and impediments of the godless.
The desire of these corrupt individuals, in their lust for power,
Is to impose their will and their values upon American.
As the Midterms have come, throughout America, many
Are making a concerted effort to create a tidal wave of victories
That will nullify each and every triumph we have gained
By standing strong for traditional American values in 2016.
If they are successful, their goal will be nothing less than
Reversing our inalienable rights and 1st Amendment freedoms.
In the dark recesses if their hearts, they intend to remake
The land of the free and home and the home of the brave
Into something our forefathers never envisioned or desired.
They talk about American values, but what they desire
Is a nation that is nothing like the “City on the Hill”
Our forefathers created for the world to see and to emulate.
We simply cannot allow evil to prevail this Tuesday,
But there are millions who do not see things our way.
Like Esau, these foolish Americans have been willing to sell
Their birthright for the promise of false security;
But there are also multiplied millions of faithful Americans
Who have obeyed You by refusing to bow our knees to
The false god of Progressivism and its flawed value system.
Father, rouse Your children throughout our precious nation,
Strengthening each of them with the power of Your Holy Spirit.
Allow us to stand firmly against Totalitarianism of Thought
And its militantly anti-Christian viewpoint, as well as
The mindless and hostile politically-correct groupthink
That has poisoned millions, especially our impressionable youth.
Instead, give us overwhelming victory on Tuesday.
We ask this in the name of Your Son, Jesus Christ,

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