PRAYER: When You Need to Be Kind Instead of Being Cross

by Jack Watts

O Lord, My God,

As I contemplate Your Majesty and all the wonder You haveCreated in our world and in the universe, I am amazed.From nothing, by the power of Your might, You spokeOur beautiful world, and everything we know, into existence.Such authority is beyond my ability to understand or conceptualize,But at the same time, because it is also in Your nature to be so lovingThat You have chosen to be as gentle as a dove with Your children.

That You can display Your overwhelming energy and strength,While simultaneously being so tender, gentle, loving,And long-suffering with Your children makes my heartSwell with pride that You chose to love me so much that YouWould send Your only Son to die on the cross for my sins.Because of the kind way You have consistently dealt with me,I ask that You give me me to deal with others in the same way,Especially with those in my family who need my love and acceptance.

Father, empower me to be as gentle and caring to othersAs You have been with me, rather than being cross and irritableWith those who are part of my life, especially with my family.Pour out Your Holy Spirit on me, and allow me to knownFrom this day forward, to be a kind and reasonable person.Allow this change in my attitude to be seen for what it is—A transformational breakthrough in my life. I ask this in Christ’s name,   Amen.

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