by Jack Watts

I AM NOT ASHAMED: Progressives reason that, because our belief system is delusional, no progress can be made while we are in office. Being backward in our thinking, all we are capable of doing is creating a mess that Progressives will be forced to undo, when they return to power, which they consider to be inevitable.
Progressives will never accept the will of the American people, when it goes against their beliefs. We are too stupid and too backward thinking to know what America really needs or what is best for our nation. Only they, the Progressive elites, are capable of grasping what is in the best interest of the United States.
In many ways, we have mirror images of one another. Both sides believe they are right and that the other side is dead wrong. Like trying to mix oil and water, combining our worldviews cannot be done successfully. The Progressives, who dominate academia, the entertainment industry, and the media, intend to enforce their will upon us, even when they are out of office. They use intimidation and their politically correct rules to keep us in line. Until quite recently, they have been very successful at exercising their will over us.
Bullying is their preferred weapon to enforce compliance. Progressives use it to impose their values on everybody. Nobody is allowed to question their dictates. To do so can be quite painful emotionally. Consequently, most non-Progressives, including Christians, choose to comply, or at least to keep their perspective to themselves and remain silent.
This has to change. We can no longer be docile. Instead, we must stand firmly for what we believe and the values we hold dear. Because there is strength in numbers, our task is much easier than most realize. In America, our numbers are legion.
When we are united, when we are walking in the Lord’s will, we are stronger than our Progressive opponents—much stronger. In fact, there is no comparison. When God is for us, who can stand against us? That we are capable of having a perspective like this is absurd to a Progressive, but that’s okay.
We know the truth. They do not. Nevertheless, we must face this societal stronghold just like we have to face our fortresses that are internal.

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