PROGRESSIVES Consider Patriotic Christians to Be Un-American

by Jack Watts

I AM NOT ASHAMED—EXCERPT: To Progressives, patriotic Christians must be held in check until all of us acquiesce or eventually die off. This is their strategy, and it’s necessary because of our faith in God and our belief in American Exceptionalism. According to them, what we believe is holding our nation back from the desired goal of becoming part of a global New World Order.
That we consider their goal to be anti-Christian makes us even more dangerous. If they can effectively squelch us, which is their intention, regardless of what is required to accomplish this goal, they are making progress, and America is moving in the right direction.
Consequently, in dealing with us, being devious and deceitful is not wrong—not when the end is to further their Progressive agenda. Winning is their goal—their only goal. Therefore, whatever it takes to accomplish this task is moral and right. For a Progressive, the ends always justify the means. For a Christian, this is never true, or at least it shouldn’t be.
From our perspective, we are horrified by what the Progressives think and by the actions they take to achieve their purposes. We are constantly being shocked and appalled by their unethical behavior, especially by the things they do that are corrupt and illegal.
We do not understand them. Because their worldview is so alien to us, we cannot grasp what they believe or how they think. This means we cannot comprehend the agenda they are attempting to impose upon the American people. Their behavior has been so anathema to us that we dismiss what they are doing as being crazy.
Because Progressivism is fundamentally godless, we have not considered it worth the time it would takes to understand what it is. This has been a serious error on our part. For instance, at the Democratic National Convention in 2012, when the entire delegation booed the inclusion of God’s name in their party platform, while we watched on TV, we were appalled, horrified, and angered. Collectively, our mouth’s dropped in shock that any American political party would do such a dishonorable and disrespectful thing.
Although our response was understandable, it also reveals our lack of understanding about what Progressivism really is. To make an effective stand against it, this has to change. Just as we cannot defeat Radical Islamic Terrorism without naming it and understanding what it is, we cannot confront and defeat Progressive ideology without recognizing it and understanding its underlying beliefs.
At the core of Progressive ideology, it is in spiritual conflict with Christianity. To them, it is our God, the God of Christianity, that is the problem in America. Almighty God is not the solution to our problems; the state is. That so many Americans believe in God is what has caused most of the problems in the world today. This is why the Progressives are hostile toward Christianity, while having no apparent animosity toward any other religions, including Radical Islam.
For Progressives, America has become strong and rich—not because of God’s blessing—but because we have robbed and subjugated other people and other nations, all in the name of God. There is nothing special about us other than the fact that we have become very skilled at using the wealth of the world for our own benefit. To our discredit, all of our achievements have been at the expense of those who are less fortunate than we are.

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