by Jack Watts

COMMON SENSE: I have a question. Since the Special Counsel revealed there are no new indictment coming, have you heard even one Progressive mention how good this is for the country? I have not. Instead, I have heard a steady stream of vitriol from them, telling us all the new ways they intend to “get Trump.”
Mueller, who has been the champion of the Left, has fallen from grace as fast as O.J. Simpson or Richard Nixon did. Instead of thanking Mueller for such a difficult task, Progressives have turned on him, even though he gave his best effort to bring down President Trump, hiring nobody for his team who supported Trump. Rather, each lawyer he hired was as hostile toward Trump as a bitter ex-wife would be.
What this shows is Progressives are not concerned with what is good for the country. Instead, they are single-focused on getting their own way. Where they are concerned, there is no middle ground—no compromise. It’s their way, or they throw a hissy-fit until they get their way.
Their response to Mueller is a teachable moment. It should show each of us that we must stand firmly against Progressivism and each of its detestable candidates. They are unfit to govern all the people.

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