PROGRESSIVISM: The Tolerance of Intolerance

by Jack Watts

AM NOT ASHAMED—EXCERPT: To patriotic Christians like us, God’s active involvement in our lives makes perfect sense, but to a Progressive, such thinking is nonsensical and somewhat delusional. To make matters worse, Progressives consider our mindset to be dangerous to our democracy. To them, our Christian worldview is the enemy of progress and of fundamental human fairness.
Progressives think they deal with facts, not irrational mythology, which is what they consider our biblical worldview to be. Because they deal with the real world, which is not mystical, only they are capable of possessing the truth and seeing the world clearly. We are not. Because they view reality accurately, through their Progressive perspective, they are wise. Our worldview, by way of contrast, is fundamentally flawed, making us fools for adhering to it. Since this is obviously true, it is acceptable for Progressives to scoff at our patriotic Christian value system. They do this with impunity. For them, it’s sport. They enjoy it.
We are nothing more than unenlightened clowns who deserve the mocking we receive. Because we are fools, there is no need to show us even the smallest measure of respect. Who respects fools? Nobody does, of course. This makes it perfectly suitable for them to ridicule us and to demand that we comply with their politically correct mandates.
To them, what we believe is unacceptable. We are homophobic, Islamophobic, misogynistic racists—all of which are worthy of contempt. While preaching tolerance, Progressives are openly, militantly, and aggressively intolerant of anything that is Christian. They espouse intolerant tolerance, which is the epitome of incongruity. Essentially, they pursue a lifestyle of being walking, talking oxymorons. They champion this obvious flaw as being virtuous.
Although they cannot stop us from believing in God, they fully intend to stop us from having any significant influence on America. It’s the reason why they have been waging political warfare against us for several decades.

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