Reflections of Christmas

by William Worrell

Have you ever held a shiny Christmas ball and seen your reflection on its side? Sure, everyone has! This is the time of the year when joy and goodwill bubbles to the surface of just about everyone you meet. This is the season people will actually speak to you on the street. The no talking sign is turned off in elevators, and the reigns on the billfold and pocketbook are held just a little less secure. People will give freely to friends, family and the less fortunate.

For two thousand years ago gifts were given to a savior-king who was to affect the lives of people for centuries to come. True, Christmas encounters more commercialization with each passing year. But the exuberance and emotion, which accompanies the season, is still present. Yet with all the glitter and beautiful sights, you don’t have to look very far to get a totally different perspective of Christmas: the cold, the homeless, the hungry, and the child who knows there will be no toys.

It’s so very easy to push these to the back parts of our minds and forget. There are many reflections of Christmas—many beautiful and many quite sad.

However, let us not forget that there are two forms of the joy and goodwill we all see at this time of the year. There is the goodwill of the world which is superficial and which adjusts itself to meet the situation. Then there is the goodwill expression of God in the form of the love of Jesus through His people. We are the expression of God in the earth, and we are to be expressions of His love and generosity. Yet, think about this! Consider: Is the general attitude and tone of atmosphere, that this time of year establishes, God’s way of stating what life could be like everyday of the year rather than for just several weeks?

The members of the Body of Jesus Christ are known collectively as Christians. But in a very real way, we are the People of Christmas. We are the bearers of the news of His coming and miracles of His life.

Many people loose sight of the real purpose of Christmas; other symbols of the season quickly fill their thoughts: Christmas trees, Santa Claus and toys.

Therefore, it falls to the People of Christmas—the Christian—to point to the true central figure of Christmas: JESUS!

But, the traditional idea of Christmas is still there, and because it is there, it can be used to better those less fortunate.

This year as you celebrate Christmas, remember that the best present you can give is to help somebody else. And then, you discover the Secret of Christmas: As you help someone else,

You become a reflection of Christ! The reason for the season.

On behalf of the writers and staff of We Connect Magazine, may you experience a fulfilling and joyful Christmas and New Year. Merry Christmas!

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