Outside of what I consider to be the most important information and activity that I spend time on, and I’m talking about faith-related things and the Scripture for me, concepts related to self-actualization are the most interesting to me.


Since I believe that all human beings are built from the inside out with a blueprint in their mind and soul for greatness and great accomplishments, I spend a lot of time thinking about these things for myself and for those people in my life.


One of my favorite teachings is Brian Tracy’s 7 Mental Laws of Success, one of which is the Law of Expectation. For example, if you have faith or the expectation that something can be done or come to pass, the chances of that happening are increased. This is a big part of what prayer is all about.


The key is the underlying motive. Is it for the good of all? Will it benefit mankind, or specific persons, or you in particular?


A favorite spiritual teacher of mine was the now-deceased Myles Munroe, once known as “the Pastor of the Bahamas.” He had a saying that he wanted to “die empty,” meaning that all his gifts and talents would be used up by the time he died. His fuel tank would be empty at the time of his death. I pray this prayer for myself as well as for my wife and children.


See yourself in your future living the way you want: doing what you love (working hard AND smart), living where you want, vacationing where you want, and all the while prospering financially to benefit others.


The worst thing I ever hear is someone lamenting on their deathbed that they wish they’d have lived differently.


Stop the procrastination! Take responsibility for where you are in life. Forget the past! What can you do with today and the future? There are things that you can do now to make your optimal life happen, even if slowly but surely—with SURELY the important word here.


Earlier, I referred to the ‘Wikipedia’  entry where you write your own description of what your life was like, what you accomplished in what areas, etc. I have mine laminated, and I read it or speak it out loud every day. I also have my ‘Living in the Future Now’ document, in which I describe a typical day in ‘my perfect life’ in laminated form. I read that every morning as well.


One of the key principles taught by both time-management expert Alan Lakein and Brian Tracy is to make a description of your perfect life as detailed as possible. It gives you substance for your mind to work on; something to hang onto and work on as you work to bring it to pass.


Self-actualization applies to everything, from weight loss to peace of mind to good health to vocational and financial fulfillment, to success in relationships.


Here, again, a written ‘inventory’ is best. Next to being healthy and loving people, a plan for self-actualization and the fulfillment of it in your lifetime is the most important activity in which you can involve yourself.


Not only should you do this for yourself, but you should also join me in telling everyone you know of the importance of self-actualization. Spread the word. If anything, do it for your kids, because leaving them a legacy of success and financial blessing is the greatest gift you can bestow on them. And the memory of having lived a life of going for a dream and making it to inspire them in their own journey.

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