Staying Ahead Of The Game At All Costs

by Jack Watts

In 1939, when Hitler invaded Poland, World War II began. As German tanks rolled across western Poland, they were met by the Polish Army, which was primarily on horseback.
Because Poland fell behind Germany technologically, they couldn’t defend themselves adequately, and they were subdued within four weeks. Had they been better prepared, the Second World War would have been different, and the Holocaust might not have even happened.
Last month, Vladimir Putin announced to the world that Russia has a new ICBM—one that is not detectable. This means that while the USA has been busy with social engineering, we have neglected our military preparedness. Primarily because of sequestration, we have done very little in the past decade to keep up with Russia or with our other adversaries.
This has tilted the military balance of power and left us vulnerable to a preemptive attack. If you think I am overstating this, just ask yourself how effective you would be, if you were using a personal computer that was ten years old. It would be practically valueless. It would be like the Poles trying to fight the NAZI tanks on horseback. Our current situation is very similar to this.
Here is my point: We need every dollar allocated for defense from the Omnibus Spending Bill. No matter what it costs, or how great a sacrifice we must make, we must do what is necessary to ensure that no adversary has an advantage over us, particularly where strategic weapons are concerned. Our survival depends on it.
In my opinion, this is why President Trump had to sign that bill. As Commander-in-Chief, it would have been irresponsible for him to have vetoed it. On the other hand, if our military was current, which it is not, Trump probably would have vetoed it.
Because we are behind the eight ball, even though it has cost Trump enormous political capital, he did what was best for the American people by signing the bill. This is true leadership, and I admire him for doing what was right, even though it was unpopular with his supporters.

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