The Journey of a Lifetime

“Abe, wait up. Why are you in such a hurry?” Neighbors and relatives were trying to keep up, but Abe just kept walking. He and his whole household had packed up and loaded their wagons before anyone knew he was leaving. His people had lived in that area for generations. What had gotten into him? Why go now? Couldn’t he wait and discuss this? Such a drastic move was so unlike him. He was the stable one, and the whole community depended on him.

Abe stopped for a short break at a nearby watering hole when his best friend Nate caught up with him. In vain, he tried to talk some sense into Abe. “Why? Why do you have to go now? Can’t you serve your God here? It’s not safe for you to travel so far. Where are you going anyways? You still have not told me where you are going.”

Nate should have saved his breath. Abram would not change his mind. He had heard from his God, and God had told him to leave. As to where he was going, well, he didn’t know. God just said, “Go until I tell you to stop.” He was on the adventure of his life that would change him and give birth to a nation that would impact the world forever.

The journey had its risks, and Abram knew that. It didn’t make much sense; however, if Abe knew only one thing, he knew his God. They were friends, and Abe knew he could trust him. So walking in blind faith, Abram took off for an unknown land. Life as he knew it was all about to change.

As people of God, we are standing at crossroads, and life as we know it is changing. We have two choices. We can walk down the road of the sure thing and resist change or take the path of the unknown. Staying the same is mostly risk-free. It says, “Don’t take chances. Stay with what has worked in the past. Things will get back to normal.” But the walk of faith is full of challenges built upon the unknown, each challenge facing its own risks, problems, and solutions. It believes that impossible is only a word to be challenged. It says, “Things are changing, and God is looking for people of faith who will start on this journey of change, knowing that God will meet them at every intersection.”

Abram didn’t know where he was going, but he knew his God, and he trusted him. Do you know God? Can you trust him? I do, and I’m ready for the adventure of my lifetime. How about you?

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