by Jack Watts
If Iran was a good-faith actor in international politics, which it is not, they would not have attacked Israel, but they did, using rockets located in Syria. This happened within a day after President Trump nullified the Iranian Nuclear Deal (JCPOA).
Although Israel has been crystal clear that Iranian military fortifications established in Syria would not be tolerated, Iran built them anyway. Using the abandonment of the nuclear deal as a pretext, Iran attacked with rockets, precipitating the largest response Israel has made since the war in 1973.
The Iron Dome defense system, developed and installed for Israel by the United States, destroyed nearly all of the incoming missiles. Israel’s response to the attack, however, has been devastating to Iran. All—or nearly all—of Syria’s missile launcheRs have been taken out.
The Iranian attack has happened for four reasons. It’s a response to:
1.The USA rejecting the nuclear deal.
2. The USA moving its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.
3. Israel celebrating its 70th Anniversary of Independence.
4. Iran’s desire to create the Crescent Caliphate, which would stretch across the northern portion of the Middle East, bringing Syria and Iraq within the sphere of Teheran’s influence.
Israel stands in the way of Iran’s goals—all of them. This means further conflict is inevitable. It also means that r the United States to remain firm and resolute in our support for God’s Chosen People.

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