TRUMP: Appoint Chris Christie Attorney General

by Jack Watts

COMMON SENSE: For the final six years of the Obama administration, it’s clear their focus was not on the federal judiciary. They left dozens of vacancies unfilled, some of them for years. What Obama did focus on was the Department of Justice. Remaking the DOJ into an Obama attack vehicle became a high priority—just like weaponizing the IRS against his political opponents was.

When Trump became President, one way he chose to “Make America Great Again” was to dismantle everything Obama did, and Trump has been very good at doing this, except for the DOJ. Because of Trump’s disastrous appointment of Jeff Sessions to be Attorney General, the DOJ has continued to remain loyal to the Obama agenda, and Trump has been unable to get rid of Obama loyalists, which he would dearly like.

Trump has made some great cabinet appointments, but Sessions wasn’t one of them. He was weak and easily intimidated by the Progressive establishment in the DOJ. Trump realized this quickly, but his hands were tied by the Mueller investigation, so the DOJ remained at odds with its boss for the first two years of Trump’s administration.

Now, with Sessions gone, Trump can finally remake the DOJ, but who should he choose to do this? It’s obvious Trump needs a strong leader—one who will not be intimidated by career lawyers, but who could that be? Many would like to see Trey Gowdy appointed, but I doubt he would be up to the task. He’s too nice.

What Trump needs is a hard-ass like himself—a man who thrives on conflict. He needs Chris Christie. Despite being labelled a RINO—the kiss of death for Conservatives—Christie is strong enough to do the job, and he’s an excellent litigator. Plus, Christie is looking for a way to re-ingratiate himself with Trump. Cleaning house at the DOJ certainly would do this. Christie is also strong enough to reign in the excesses of the Mueller investigation, which are numerous. For this reason, I recommend that Trump appoint Christie to be our new Attorney General.

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