by Jack Watts

COMMON SENSE: Concerning the government shutdown, Trump did blink, but it was the only responsible thing for him to do. He is President for all Americans—not just those who support him. The shutdown was beginning to take a substantial toll on our nation, adversely affecting our economy. Trump cares about this.
Nancy Pelosi does not. All she has to please is the most radical elements of the Progressive Left, which she did. To her, it wouldn’t matter how destructive the shutdown was, just as long as she was able to solidify her power base. She has now done that. It’s probably why she was much less brazen than Senator Schumer, when they addressed the media.
We lost this round, but as long as the issue remains unresolved, we have not lost the war. What happens in the next month will tell the tale.
By flinching, President Trump took a hit—no question about it—but what if a plane had gone down because there were not enough air traffic controllers on the job? That would have precipitated a catastrophic loss. In my opinion, it was better to take a short-term loss than to suffer one far worse.
Now that Pelosi has her victory, maybe she will be willing to earmark $5 billion in funds for the “President to use at his discretion to provide border security.” That way, Trump can build “the barrier” and Pelosi can maintain the Democrats did not fund it directly.

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