TRUMP Wants Prosperity—PROGRESSIVES Seek Economic Stagnation

by Jack Watts

COMMON SENSE: Our second quarter GDP is predicted to be 4.8%. We haven’t had growth like this since World War II, and that was because our survival depended on it. Currently, all of our economic indicators predict strong, sustained growth. This should be wonderful news for all Americans, but it is not.
Despite prosperity returning to the USA, there are multiplied millions who do not care how well we are doing. In fact, these Americans prefer for us to muddle through with 1% growth, believing that economic ennui is our just penance for being prosperous in the first place.
To the Progressive Left, fools that they are, we do not deserve to thrive—quite the contrary. There have always been Americans who believe this, but there have never been as many of them as there are now. Their numbers are large because Progressives dominate academic. Each year, our colleges spew out left-wingers by the thousands. Having been taught that the problems in the world were caused by the United States, these impressionable kids have come to loathe America rather than love it.
Graduating with useless degrees in women’s studies, transgender studies, and other non-marketable majors, these Progressive misfits cannot find meaningful work. This increases their bitterness toward America. This hatred is encouraged and nurtured by the Progressive media, as well as the world of entertainment.
What we recognize as legitimate progress and the blessing of God, they see as continued exploitation of others. That the economy is working well for blacks, Hispanics, and women is irrelevant. America must be taken down and punished. As irrational as this may seem, this is what the Progressives intend to do. It is also why they gravitate to the most militant leftists of the Democratic Party. Those who we used to consider very liberal are now moderates. The pendulum has swung that far leftward.
Nevertheless, the Conservative movement is expanding significantly. With a true businessman in the White House, Trump has returned prosperity to America, creating unimaginable wealth is just 500 days. He has done this because he knows what he is doing—totally unlike his recent predecessors. Also, unlike recent Presidents, Trump has kept his campaign promises, which has endeared him to America’s working class and middle class.
Despite Trump’s success, his opponents want to remove him from office. His success, which is America’s success, means nothing to them. Fueled by self-defeating bitterness, they would prefer to return to stagnant growth, open borders, and a dramatically weakened America. As shortsighted as this is, it is what the militant, Progressive Left wants for America.

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