Where Do We Begin?

It’s easy to say, “The only thing necessary for Evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” This is certainly a very noble, uplifting sentiment, but what does it mean? What is the nature of the Evil we must confront—both domestically and internationally? And, given our current situation in the United States, in the third decade of the twenty-first century, how do we effectively counteract these Evils—Progressivism and its anti-American ?

First, for our prayers and actions to accurately reflect God’s leading where the Progressive worldview is concerned, we must clearly differentiate between our Christian perspective and the belief system of our Progressive adversaries. By clarifying the differences, we will be better able to address what needs to be done to nullify their adverse impact upon our culture, especially on our youth. For Christians, this is our primary domestic problem.

Second, we must also understand and completely accept the anti-American goals of Radical Islam. Plain and simple, they want to destroy and subjugate the United States of America. For them, there is no middle ground. From their perspective, conquest and subjection to Allah is what America’s future must be. To be true to Allah, there can be no other agenda. If we refuse to become Muslim, we must die—period. For Christians, we must never submit to this in any way. To do so would be sin.

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