WHY PROGRESSIVES Will Not Accept Trump’s Innocence

by Jack Watts

COMMON SENSE: It’s important to understand the Progressive worldview. The Russian Collusion Narrative is a core tenet of their belief system. It’s as fervent as Christians believing in the Virgin Birth.
Because the Mueller Report has categorically negated the Russian Collusion Narrative, essentially repudiating a core belief for Progressives, they cannot simply admit their error and move on, anymore than a Christian could accept that Christ was conceived the old-fashioned way.
Being a shock to the system of nearly all Progressives, instead of accepting reality as it is, they have to reinterpret what has been discovered to conform to what their belief system mandates.
This means Trump is somehow still guilty. That he has been exonerated cannot be taken at face value. There must be something missing, something that is still being hidden, or something that has been altered corruptly. Their belief system, as flawed as it is, demands this revisionism. It’s why they are still beating a dead horse. They have to maintain this conviction. Either that, or they will have to reevaluate their entire lives, which most are unwilling to do.

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