by Jack Watts

COMMON SENSE: What the media is really good at is spinning reality. They know how to position things to make someone they support look good or someone they loathe look bad. They are masters at nuances, which definitely served them well with a President like Barack Obama—the consummate beta male.
What the media is poor at is dealing with an alpha male like President Trump. Foolishly, they have believed they could control him and make him “lead from the rear” like Obama did, but Trump has steadfastly refused to allow himself or his agenda to be corralled by the media. He simply will not do it, and the media is apoplectic with rage that he won’t.
They do not understand true leadership. What they do understand and love are weak-willed men and women who are easily corruptible—just as they have been. It’s what the media wants, but it is definitely not what the American people want. What they call “toxic masculinity” is what we call “a man with a pair.”

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