ADVENT: The Promise Of His Coming

Greetings, Beloved!

My prayer for you as we enter this Advent Season, and celebrate Christmas 2017, is that the grace and peace that comes from both God our Father, and His Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, would be yours in abundance. You are His child, and by His Spirit, that glorious experience of peace, from the Maker and Giver of peace, is my heart’s desire for you right now.

So much is taking place in the nation and in the nations that is unsettling, disturbing, chaotic, and creating uncertainty for many. Yet the sure promises of God are “yes and amen” in Christ Jesus.

Advent Season is something that has been celebrated since the dawn of Christianity. Most of us today are aware that in the Advent season we once again anticipate the celebration of Christ’s birth. While this is true, it is only partly true.

“Advent” comes from the Latin word adventis, which means coming. The Greek word for “coming,” as you may already know from Scripture, is parousia.

The meaning of the word parousia is rather comprehensive. In fact, it covers everything from the many comings of the Lord in the Scripture in times of visitation to the coming of the Lord at the Incarnation to His final coming when the kingdom will be fully consummated.

Because Advent so significantly recognizes the meanings of Christ’s “comings” in relation to our Christian faith, I will discuss this topic in more detail in my emails over the next three weeks in this new series, “Advent: The Promise of His Coming!”

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