Come up higher and see – March 6th Devotional

by Stephanie Lacy

Though your natural eyes may see through the world’s looking glass, I ask you to humble yourself in order that you may come up higher with Me. Come up higher beloved and dwell with Me, sit with me and perceive differently regarding the circumstance below Me. It is below us now. Fret not anymore of what might be or what may come. Come to me with your “what ifs” and I will turn them upon their heads. Let me reveal and impart to you what I see. I see without limits! Be still and know that I am God. Have I not brought you this far? Decide to believe bigger and greater today. Take your position of inheritance in Me and trust I hold all things in my hand. I have given you great faith to move the mountains and call forth waterfalls. Come up higher to indulge in the extravagance of my love for you. See with the eyes of faith in Me and find your place of rest as I move you from glory to glory. Many of times you have questioned the ways in which I have worked in your life. But understand that I have worked it altogether for your good. Rise above the torrents. I really do have you in the palm of my hand my child. Believe me for the best. Believe what I speak to you. Receive my unabated joy over you. Look onto your situation from my higher perspective and waste not another moment of your precious time and strength fighting that battle in your own mind. Hand it over to me. Let me bare your burdens. For I have already won that battle as well. Come up higher now.

Scripture application: Luke 14:10, Isaiah 55:9, Psalm 40:5, Matthew 23:12

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