Conquering Chaos

This morning I received a text that said, “I’m stressed. I miss how the world used to be. I can’t handle this chaos.” At that moment, I knew that anything I said would sound cliche.

A few hours later I felt led to go to the grocery store. Weird, because I just went yesterday and didn’t need anything. I heard this “still small voice” leading me to get my blood pressure checked.
I headed straight for the machine next to the pharmacy. There sat an elderly man and as I slid my arm into the cuff I asked how he was. I didn’t hear a response, but he half smiled.

“Are you ok?” I asked. He finally answered half-heartedly…”I guess.” I got to talk with him, tell him he was special and give him lots of smiles. I pulled a gospel tract out of my purse and he readily accepted. I really didn’t want to go, and I don’t think he wanted me to leave either. That’s when I knew this had nothing to do with my blood pressure–it was just fine.

As soon as I got in my car I sensed the Lord say, “This is how you live in this hour–one act of kindness at a time. This is how you conquer chaos.”

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