Pieces Of Peace

by Robin Alcala

As part of the family of the Prince of Peace, we are instructed to be led by peace; God’s peace. This peace is beyond comprehension, regardless of the boisterous waves and relentless winds which come against us. God’s peace keeps us anchored securely in the center of our storms. It’s a place of comfort, hope, and safety. During troubling times, there are three different kinds of peace we may experience.

    1. There is a peace which comes along and gives the feeling of comfort. It is often times mixed with an element of joy or expectation. It does not necessarily make sense, but somehow you sense that everything will turn out well in the end.

    2. We can create a false peace which we self-impose. When we want something so badly and allow our desire to become so strong without offering it on the altar of self will, we can talk ourselves into having peace so that we can have that which we desire.

    3. This last peace is calm, yet infused with a cold chill into its spiritual texture. Often times it may be in the midst of, or followed by, a loss or devastation. When a believer’s prayers and faith are not answered, it can leave even the most spiritually sensitive and strongest believers absolutely perplexed.

Sometimes we can be so distracted with the belief that peace constitutes favorable outcomes and fulfilled desires, that we miss it when it was there all along. Even though we may find ourselves weighed down by the shadows of death’s darkness in some seasons, we will not be overcome by fear because He is with us in those dark moments. He is near with protection and guidance, clothing us with comfort.

He promises to soothe our fears, to make us whole again, and to care for all of our needs, replenishing us with spiritual strength even in the presence of our attacks. We cannot permit ourselves to be troubled by trouble, nor be afraid if it comes along. His peace will calm us in every circumstance and give us the courage and strength to face any, and every challenge.


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