This Is How The Seven Mountains Work!

by Lance Wallnau

The media mountain is in fact a part of the business mountain. When revenue drys up the investors change programming. 25 million Christians voted for a CHANGE. It would be nothing for 5 or 10 million believers to reign in any media program by letting advertisers know their feelings. This is what progressive liberal activists do. They’ve targeted every leading voice that challenges them and after seeing Roger Ailes bumped off and O’Reilly taken off they smell blood in the water with Hannity.

When will we understand that this battle is coming to you – like it or not! We must stand AS ONE in the arena. Donald Trump is the target of deep state (read Intelligence Community) media (the propaganda arm of the Left) and Establishment DC Republicans. If the Left takes the midterms in 16-18 months the landscape will change over America and a democratic House will push to impeach the will of the American people. We don’t have 8 years or 4 years as some Prophets say, we have less than a year and a half to organize and influence. Never has so much been at stake and the church been so asleep at the headwaters of history!

I myself have been targeted but am a little guy compared to Hannity. I am not afraid. There is a David and Goliath moment coming. The hour approaches when the unknown, the small – will be the new big. God will give us a slingshot strategy. Let’s share this and move AS ONE.


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