This Is How We Must Deal with the Left

With the decision by the Supreme Court to reverse Roe v. Wade due to be released imminently, we are being told to prepare for a violent reaction by the Progressive Left of the Democratic Party. Uncivil by nature, I believe the predictions of mayhem are accurate, which brings me to this question. How do we, patriotic Americans and followers of Christ, to respond to what is about to happen?


Having vicariously witnessed destructive riots in Minnesota, Georgia, Oregon and both Washington state and Washington D.C. in the past couple of years, it’s safe to say that another round will infuriate most of us. As proponents of law and order, we will be frustrated that vandalizing looters will be allowed to destroy businesses with impunity. The non-response by police will be galling. Instead of confronting the Radical Left with force, because Biden owes his office to these radicals, our government’s position will be to encourage the inevitable destruction of American cities.


While all of this is true on the macro level, we must also view what is about to happen on the micro level. We must deal with each of these radicals as individuals . . . as deeply-deceived, lost people. Take the young women in the photo for example. When I first saw her on Facebook, I had a response that was typical for a Conservative male. Upon looking closer, however, I saw deep sadness in this young lady’s eyes. When I did, I was moved, almost to tears.


She has completely lost her way. I saw so such despondency in her eyes that I became overwhelmed with compassion—not about her position on abortion but that her life is so miserable that she wishes that she was never born. I believe that such self-loathing is common among those on the Left. They hate the United States. They hate God. They hate you. They hate me but, more than anything else, they hate themselves. Their lives are consumed with hate.


Hate is all they know. They don’t know that God loves them. Most have probably never even entertained the notion that He does. Since they don’t love themselves, most reason that God couldn’t love them either. Based on their life experiences, where examples of love and acceptance have been rare, venting their rage has become their meaning in life, their purpose.


For them, God’s love and purpose doesn’t even enter into the equation. This is where we come in, people like you and me. Knowing the truth, that God definitely loves them and has a positive purpose for their lives, we cannot simply dismiss these misinformed people as unworthy of our attention.


On a human level, to reach out to any of them with compassion may be more than distasteful but, on a Divine level, this is precisely what we have been called to do. It is who we are supposed to be. It’s why Christ died for our sins which, from Almighty God’s perspective, are every bit as egregious as those of the Radical Left, including BLM, Antifa, NARAL and every other radical group in the USA.


Knowing all of this is true, it is time for each of us to be attentive to the gentle whisper of the Holy Spirit. If we pay attention, He will lead us into situations where we can do something worthy of His Name. Remember, Christ is a God to be served, not a commodity for us to hoard.

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