Welcome To The Jungle!

Since I was an itty bitty thing, I loved watching animal shows.  Back centuries ago there was a show, “Wild, Wild World of Animals ”.  The lions and the tigers were my absolute favorite, with the elephants a close second and everything else except for the reptiles were tied for third place!


I am reminded of a poem that I wrote while in elementary school titled, “I Am King Of The Jungle”.  Our assignment was to select an animal, and then write the poem in the first person.  I chuckle now at the perspective I had as a young girl, compared to my view that I now hold today.


As a child, I was awe struck by these magnificent creatures.  They were gorgeous with all of their glorious “Farrah Fawcett” hair blowing in the wind.  My lion, stood strong and stately on an imaginary mountain, gazing intently and heroically over the vast landscape he dominated.  He was a warrior for justice and a protector of the helpless.


Yet, never ever in my wildest dreams, did I even faintly imagine there could be yet another type of lion that actually co-existed. The one who roams about seeking to kill and destroy.  I always say, there are life lessons to be found in all of creation.  How I wish I would not have squeezed my eyes completely shut; blocking out the scenes of that show when a lion was acting like a lion…when he pounced upon his prey, and all that devouring stuff  began to take place.  Possibly a life lesson may have been revealed earlier.


That word “seeking”,  projects such a stronger imagery than merely “looking”.  Girls, you know when you are merely looking versus when you are seeking something!  Whether that be your favorite brand of shoes during a super sale, are you looking or seeking?  What about when you were believing to find your soul mate; did you merely look or did you intently and strategically seek?  More than likely, your prowl quickly turned into a full blown man hunt!


While the Lion King of the Tribe of Judah, makes me feel safe, loved, protected and provided for.  How I wish I could turn back time as a youngster, and have someone who understood this harsh truth, regarding how life is such a jungle, and for them to had prudently shared this with me.  Because this harsh reality can actually be communicated without producing fear in even the youngest of souls.


Well, this Big Bad Kitty Cat’s M.O. is to intimidate, attempting to make individuals feel vulnerable, alone and conquered.  Oh, please do not underestimate the advantages of such lessons, and the younger they are learned, the better off one will ultimately be!


I love to share on the love and the grace of God.  I love, love!  Who in their right mind and with an open heart doesn’t love, love?   True love and a balanced love, is honest, it is forthright.  It is often tough.  Not rough, but tough.  And oh, so truthful.  So ready or not, I am gonna dish you out some real lovin’’!  First with the good news,  God is good.  Now for the bad news, the enemy of our souls is very bad.


The Lion King of Judah came to give us such an abundance of life coupled with true fulfillment.  While this enemy lion, came to do what most lions do, which is to kill, steal and to destroy.  Seeking vehemently to destroy everything within his path.  Attacking our confidence and devouring our trust in our God.  Stealthily attempting  to steal our destiny and to utterly uproot our dreams, our hopes and a way lot more.


Like that wasn’t enough, this Big Bad Kitty Cat has plenty of unscrupulous offspring.  There are a lot of bad cubs out there.  Replicating his character within their souls and just plain out to get you and me.  Since, the enemy of our soul does not show up with a name tag, “Hello, I’m Mr. Evil.   Neither  does his offspring.   The Scriptures indicate, that this enemy comes as an “Angel of Light”.  He is bright, brilliant, attractive and inviting.  He looks like Mr. Right.  Projecting an image of such a nice kitty, so his cubs do as well.  Naughty kitties!


With that thought in mind, Proverbs 18:1 sheds colorful insight on this, “Wicked souls love to make trouble, they feel nothing for friends and neighbors .”  And “Unfriendly people care only about themselves.”   Now realize this, bad kitties can always switch tribes!  Though they can, does not necessarily mean they will.  So, welcome to the real world!


Though life may be a jungle, the good news is, that we have not been left without hope nor without insight in regards to these tactics from our enemy.  Ancient wisdom can still be found in Matthew 10:16, “I am sending you out like sheep among wolves, be as cautious as snakes but as harmless as doves.”


We have all probably heard of accounts regarding a horrendous incident, where a lion or a tiger trainer relaxed their guard amongst their “trusted” furry friends.  When the very creatures they loved and cared for, eventually acted out of their natural animalistic instinct.  Bit and devoured.  When I read of such accounts, always seeking the lesson in creation, I assessed that a lion’s in-ate nature is only to bite and devour.


And unfortunately for all of us, there is a similar natural instinct to bite and devour.  That is why the Scriptures warn us in Galatians 5:15 NIV,  “If you bite and devour one another, watch out or you will end up destroying one another.”  Another translation reads,  “But if you hurt and make it hard for each other, be careful or you will completely destroy each other.”  With this grave awareness, we must also see the necessity that lies therein, for all of us ”to tame the beast within”.

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